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Importance of Uniforms in Schools

I’d like to begin with a famous quote by Robert Baden Powell- a prominent Canadian Politician:

Over the years one has seen that uniforms in schools, have been given lesser and lesser importance. Today’s children prefer not to have a uniform in school. They love the freedom of wearing clothes of their own choice.

I come from a generation where uniforms were a pride of a student and school. A student was identified by his/her uniform. Irrespective of how he/she performed in their studies, they were respected for the manner in which they wore it.

Uniforms and Schools Relationship

Seldom, did one see a student in an improper uniform. Shoes were always brushed and sparkling. Crisp uniforms and every hair in place. Ties and belts created a sense of pride and was never forgotten to be worn. A student who was dressed perfectly in his/her uniform displayed a sense of integrity and loyalty towards the school. A uniform displays equality irrespective of what background they came from. The uniform contributes to the tolerance of religion, caste, region and financial status a student belongs to.

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Now a day’s parents are willing to spend any amount on purchasing fancy and branded clothes for their children , which are worn for a short duration, whereas they often grumble to pay the cost price of a uniform, which the students are going to wear for almost 6 hours daily. Parents should always buy extra sets of uniforms so the child comes dressed smartly everyday.

Different Types of School Uniforms Based on Activities and Weather Conditions

Schools have different types of uniforms based on the activities which are conducted and the weather conditions of the area. Schools have separate uniforms for summer and winter and sports, always keeping in mind the comfort of the student.

Uniforms should be made compulsory in schools, a uniform builds a sense of loyalty, integrity and unity, irrespective of the caste, creed or religion of the student, we see a spirit of oneness and community vibrant in them.Uniforms help students to concentrate on studies with no distractions of clothes, shoes etc.

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Teachers have noticed that it is easier to teach students in their uniform than when they are casually dressed. It promotes effective learning. As I have been extensively connected with the teaching profession for the last thirty-four years, my opinion is that uniforms should be made mandatory in every school. With my close association with the students of all ages, I have observed both, the merits and demerits of wearing a uniform. A student who has worn a uniform throughout his/her schooling is more confident and disciplined to deal with the peer pressure they face on stepping into college.

The Benefits of School Uniforms: Loyalty, Integrity, and Unity

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