Elocution Competition: Rules, Objectives, Importance, Topics & More

What Is An Elocution Competition?

An elocution competition is the art of public speaking that gives us self-boost and confidence to speak in front of a large audience. It enables children to create a connect with the audience who is listening to them through voice modulation. When the child is reciting, he/she brims boundless energy and resilience.

The bond between teacher and student reflects in the elocution competition as the teacher guides the child from choosing the topic to helping the child practice it multiple times. It can be challenging for introvert students who have never experienced public speaking, but the teacher/mentor resolves that and brings out the best in you.

Elocution Competition Rules

Every competition has rules in order to bring in discipline and uniformity and the judging can be fair to every student as it applies universally. Rules help in taking the participation more seriously with respect.

Let us see what are some of the basic rules that apply to elocution competition –

  • Depending on the school, the language will be decided – either English, Hindi or Marathi
  • Candidates will be given time slots to finish the elocution in that duration
  • Judging will be based on the command over speech, expression, articulation, and vocabulary
  • The winners will be chosen as 1st, 1st runner up, and 2nd runner up
  • The decision of the judges as regards the result of the competition will be the final and binding

Objectives Of Elocution Competition

Every school has various fun activities, but along with fun and play, learning also is an important part of the activity. elocution competitions play an important part in a child’s life. How you may ask? Well, a child sees that without practice you won’t be able to speak confidently, once you ace the confidence you must ace other important factors like the way you will sound, how audible you are to a large audience, time management to recite it in the allotted duration, and the style of presenting yourself with expressions.

Each and every step is tremendously important to perform with courage and conviction no matter what. It challenges the child to give their best in whatever challenges comes their way.

Importance Of Elocution Competition

Why is taking part in elocution competition so important? There is no challenge that your child cannot overcome! With training, guidance, support and compassion by your mentor, you are bound to win.

Let us understand why –

  1. transform hardships into opportunities
  2. tap and transform your inner-self
  3. improves your communication skills
  4. helps you use the right words in sentences and improves grammar
  5. boosts confidence to win
  6. brings out the love for writing and reading
  7. add expressions to dialogues

Elocution Competition Judging Criteria

Here is what should you look for while judging an elocution contest –

  • Your knowledge & understanding of the topic, the amount of research put into it, and the amount of work involved in preparing the material
  • How original is your content and was it done by the student’s creativity or by the help of a parent?
  • How well the material is formed and how does it conclude
  • How much time was utilized to recite it and was it completed on time or did it exceed time?
  • How well the voice command was?
  • Was the delivery of speech smooth?
  • How was the body language, eye contact and gestures?

Elocution Competition Topics

Children are creative and when we try to explore their creative side, you will be amazed with the results. Elocution is one way to bring out the confidence and communication skills into a plate.

Here are some topics that parents can expect from the elocution competition –

  • Why do I love my parents so much?
  • My first pet
  • Funniest day of my life
  • My new year goals/ promises
  • A day in the life of a cat
  • Who is my super hero?
  • My favorite vacation
  • Good things about my best friend

How To Win Elocution Competition?

Every child expects to win, but there is always one winner in the competition. Every child should be motivated irrespective of the result. While getting that first medal or certificate as the winner, it completely boosts your confidence!

Here are a few tips how to prepare for elocution competition to win it:

  1. Rehearse Rehearse – with daily and regular practice brings perfection. The more you rehearse, the better you will remember the material
  2. Add a story angle – incorporate anecdotes to make it more interesting that just simply reading something
  3. Make eye contact – connecting with your audience is very important. If you are looking lost, you lose your connection. Try and look at everyone at the audience.
  4. Add that smile – you don’t want to look too serious especially if it is a fun topic. Keep throwing in a few smiles but don’t overdo it.
  5. Watch your posture – don’t slouch or look dull. Stand tall with your shoulders back, unclench your fists, and smile
  6. Don’t overuse one word – try using various words and don’t just stick to using the same word throughout. Avoid saying thank you all the time or sorry!
  7. Record Yourself – the best way to understand how you are going to present is to watch your own video recording and learn from it.

Elocution Competition: FAQs

As parents you might have some questions or doubts about how you want your child to ace public speaking and excel in elocution competition. Let us clear out some doubts for you.

Q1. How To Judge An Elocution Competition?

When your child is practicing for the completion, try being his/her judge and ask them to recite exactly how they would in front of the main judges. The child should be confident at all times and recite it with a great command and be audible to all. Keep in mind the rules that apply to the competition and ace it.

Q2. How To Prepare for An Elocution Competition

Once your child has got the topic, encourage him/her to do good research by themselves and come up with points on what they have understood about the topic. This method brings out their creativity and knowledge skills. Give them a chance to write on their own and be independent and then proof read it.

Q3. How To Speak in Elocution Competition

Once you know what your child is going to speak about, add in the postures, gestures, expressions and command. Make sure the command is loud enough and most importantly clear. Use words that are easy to use or say.

Q4. How To Start in Elocution Competition

Introduction is a very important part before you speak. Give a few seconds to describe the class, name and topic and then start. Open with a punch line too if required and make it impactful depending on the topic or start with a humorous line and then introduce yourself. Stand out and do something unique!

The Bottom Line

Practicing is the key to excellence! The more the ‘sword’ is whetted, the sharper it will become to cut things. In this metaphor what one can understand is the importance of persevering in the efforts. Those who keep challenging everything will always be able to achieve personal growth. That’s why our team at CLARA continuously push the children forward with a resolute mind saying, “you will work harder than ever, “you will take on challenges!”

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