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Special focus on personality development

Clara focuses on developing your child as a whole person. Regular sessions with proven techniques are conducted to instill self-confidence in your child and to develop him/her into a strong individual with life skills. Following are some benefits of focusing on personality development: 1. Effective Communication and Public Speaking 2. Emotional Intelligence 3. Good inter-personal skills 4. Polished manners and etiquettes 5. Problem solving and critical thinking skills 6. Leadership and team spirit 7. Independent attitude and time management

International mentoring through associations with Japan and US

In line with the philosophy of Clara that recognizes every student as a global citizen, adequate steps are taken to ensure that your child is exposed to international mentoring to develop international-mindedness right from an early age. Our international mentors are accomplished educators and child specialists mostly from US and Japan, who frequently visit the school to engage with children.


At Clara we understand that the world once we knew has drastically changed and the concern for safety of the child is the top-most priority. At Clara security standards are the highest to ensure the safety of your child and to prevent untoward incidents from occuring. The school has well-placed security guards and the entire premises is under constant observation through strategically placed video cameras for heightened awareness and vigilance.


The school generously uses imported bio- disinfectants, sanitation and cleaning solutions to keep the premises absolutely spic and span. Highly specialized cleaning solutions are used to maintain the hygiene standards of the toilets in the school.