CLARA School

Clara School is a co-educational school following CBSE Syllabus in Pune providing world-class education in a multi-cultural environment. It delivers Best Teaching Method. The school has a low student-teacher ratio & has partnered with Speaking Tree Education Institution. This prestigious institution has guided us in creating a concept-driven curriculum targeted at stimulating your child mentally and intellectually.

Maximum care has been taken to design extra-curricular and sports activities to inculcate creativity, team-spirit, camaraderie and genial competitiveness along with a peaceful mind. Our aim is to develop students that are well-balanced and who are empowered with relevant life-skills.

To succeed in todays rapidly progressing world being high on confidence & will-power, possessing the power of intuition with an ability to grasp faster, retain longer and make crisp decisions is a necessity . Clara understands that these rare life-skills cannot be developed over night or too late in life. The seeding of these life-skills happens intangibly when children become a part of a scientifically designed learning environment that is conducive to its sprouting, nurturing, growing and finally blooming.

The school is located at B.T Kawade Road, a rapidly developing info-tech park surrounded by several multinational corporations., a rapidly developing info-tech park surrounded by several multinational corporations.

Vision and Mission

The shared vision of Clara is to develop confident, compassionate and well-balanced global citizens capable of bringing creativity, originality and integrity to every facet of their life .

To achieve this vision, we are providing a scientific learning environment to:
a) Stimulate intellectual curiosity
b) Inculcate global-mindedness
c) Engage them in targeted physical activities
d) Bring out inner peace & unwavering focus through the art of meditation
Mrs Patricia James Article
You all know what they say about us teachers:

“Those who can do, do; Those who can’t, teach.

We teachers bite our tongues and resist the urge to really justify what it is we teachers DO!!!

Apart from making kids think for themselves, question, inquire, learn and imagine, there are a hundred other things that we teachers find ourselves doing! Our hearts burst with pride when we see our students stand a little taller and speak with confidence; Our eyes well up with tears when a little fellow says “da-da” after six months of total silence; We quiver with anticipation when we see our students take part in competitions; we make parents see their children for who they are and what they can be….

Tantrums, bad behavior, pouting, tears – well teachers you have had your share of them! But it is in moments like these, that you have to stop yourselves from getting really upset and yelling…. Instead find a way that will work! Try humour for instance- It works every time….it literally diffuses the tension in the classroom. The children stare back at you, wondering if you are going to explode, but – instead when you give them a warm smile, or make a funny face or even hold a toddler close – the situation automatically changes from being tense to being happy and comfortable! Changing the “subject” helps you to cope with the situation in a calm way. You will find that you are in a better frame of mind which will allow you to speak gently. This practice has helped many children stop overreacting and throwing tantrums or being naughty in class.

Yes, teaching can be a tough job. We work hard and sometimes do not get the recognition we deserve. But at the same time every teacher knows instinctively that we are helping to develop young minds and are sowing in their spirits - this is the highest calling that a person can have! Teachers, it is a privilege to be trusted enough to teach our students. Sometimes we teachers need a little inspiration to become the friendly, helpful (no not Spiderman!) motivational mentor, and sometimes it takes a bit of our own “medicine” to become the excellent teachers we want to be!

I believe that God poured into a “teacher” a very generous amount of love and patience! He made us durable and tough – yet He has equipped us with soft gentle hands that wipe away tears of students; He has given us big hearts to love all kids – the ones who listen and obey and the ones who run out of the classroom at the end of the day without a “goodbye” or a “thank you”! So remember these things dear teachers – believe in your students and help them make a difference in this world!

Mrs Patricia James

Head Mistress

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