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Play School in Hadapsar, Pune

Is it the first time where your child will step into an environment of learning and education and we want the experience to be special and important for you and your child. As soon as your child turns 1 and half year old, you can enroll into Play School in Hadapsar, Pune – one of the best playgroups in your locality.

Embark on a journey to self-development and learning in a positive and happy environment. With your trust and patience, we can ensure that your child will leave this ground with a lot of learning, bonding, and communication. Our aim is to foster your child with fun and scientific learning methods that will their language and understanding skills at a very young age. At Clara School we ensure that learning and playing go hand-in-hand.

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Clara Global School

Why Choose Our Play School?

CLARA is developed by professionals to provide playful learning, asses them at every step and help the children perform better everyday and adhere to all safety policies. Don’t settle for less, your child deserves the best.

Why us?
1. Unique teaching methodologies
2. holistic development
3. Regular assessing for progress
4. Document their learning

Watch Video of Parent Testimonial

Thank you, parents, for always trusting us. With great reviews from our parents, we can only build more and more trust for those who want to enroll their children with CLARA and see their child turn into a wonderful butterfly that will flap its wings into a glorious future ahead. Your trust in us only helps us reach out to more!

Looking CBSE Play Group in Hadapsar, Pune?

Go all out with your child in winning in studies, sports, friendship, and in the pursuit of their dreams! Each of your child will courageously advance and excel to create an eternal future of victories! Look no further as the best playgroup in Pune is waiting for your little ones to step into an amazing transforming journey.
Spread the word with other parents around your neighborhood by sharing this link with them and have a look at the fee or simply ask us a question and clear all your worries and doubts with us.