EVS Exhibition

A WALK THROUGH THE AGES – An EVS Exhibition that showcased most of the Habitats of the World, was held on the 9th of September 2017. Students had an opportunity to showcase their skills and knowledge in a very exciting way. Extra knowledge about our environment and the importance of taking care of depleting resources was imparted to all the students. Grade 5 students spread the message “Save our Earth – we do not want to get extinct!!” Habitats like the Rainforests, The Antarctica, Deserts and Coral Reefs enthralled all who visited the school.

The Dinosaur which was the most spectacular exhibit took the students and the Art Department a month to put together! The combined efforts of little hands of our Claraites who painted, pasted, cut, and coloured numerous stars, butterflies, farm animals, planets, fish, trees, etc paid dividends when parents and visitors paid glowing tributes that recognized their talents and hard work.  It was heartening to see the students gain additional information and knowledge that was not yet included in their process books, through art and craft.  In the words of one parent…“ Amazing work by all the Claraites…The creativity is great, the efforts put in by all the kids are seen…It’s so colourful and mesmerizing…Thanks everyone for putting up this exhibition”.


The children of Pre Primary section were excited and couldn’t wait for their grandparents to arrive. Grandparents came into school with smiles on their faces and love in their hearts. They were escorted to their grandchildren’s respective classes and were soon involved in the activity the class teachers had organized for them to do with their grandchildren. There were cries of delight and hoots of laughter as grandparents made newspaper outfits for the children, made masks and coloured along with their “eager beaver grandchildren”.

After a delicious snack they were then welcomed into the auditorium where they were mesmerized by the school EVS exhibition – A WALK THROUGH THE AGES….The 10 foot dinosaur, the beautiful art and craft, models of space shuttles and scare crows took their breath away!.Soon it was time for fun and games. Accompanied by their enthusiastic grandchildren, all grandparents were then escorted into the play area where they played “Bombing the City”! Excited grandparents competed to win and the lucky winners were presented with gifts. A few overwhelmed grandparents spoke a few words in praise of Clara and even sang songs!

Robotics Division

Clara has a highly advanced robotics division for its students to engage in the world of robots and automation. Students are trained on designing and building robots. Various teams are made to compete with each other. This enables the students to develop technical and engineering skills at the right age.


All through the day, regular breaks for few minutes are taken for children to meditate. Meditation benefits the child in these unique ways: a)Effective regulation of the mind b)Improved focus and concentration c)Longer retention levels d)Developing inner peace e)Joyous disposition

10 hour day care facility with certified day care professionals

We understand the pressing need of parents to be at work for longer hours. Keeping this in mind, Clara is equipped with a 10-hour day care facility supervised by certified day care professionals who extend the same loving care to the child as they receive at home.

Dazzle room

At Clara we understand that some children are way too high on energy and if they are not sufficiently channelized then they face many academic difficulties. Keeping this in mind the school has come out with a novel idea of creating a dazzle room that falls under the special education service. In this space their abundant energy is put to good and innovative use which makes the child more productive and it positively affects the academic performance. Collaborative meetings involving parents, teachers and other school personnel takes place to devise a plan that is best suited for the child.

Extra-curricular activities

Extracurricular activities are those that go beyond the typical curriculum of the school. Several talents are buried deep within a child and the job of these extracurricular activities is to help the child discover himself and allow hidden talent to surface smoothly. Through these activities the child becomes aware of its strength and weaknesses. It helps the child to build relevant life skills, cooperate with buddies, and keep themselves physically and mentally strong.