Does your child study for the love of it or for the fear of it?

Does your child study for the love of it or for the fear of it?
Our education system is well designed but because the parents get overly concerned, the pressure gets transmitted to children. Children begin to perceive studies as some kind of unpleasant activity that needs to be quickly got over with. The students just mug up everything to get good marks with an aim to make their parents happy. This approach often leaves even the top-rankers of today conceptually handicapped! Examinations too add to this damage Here are some of the key reasons why exams are so dreaded/disliked by children:

  1.   Lack of concept clarity
  2.  Students have just crammed up
  3. Disinterested in some subjects totally.
  4. Undue pressure from parents & teachers,
  5.   It measures the performance creating negatively affecting comparisons

What is expected of parents is to become partners with teachers. Understand from teachers how you can help the child to study at home. For a child to achieve clarity of thought, it is necessary that the child understands the concepts. Only when that happens the child begins to develop love and interest for the subjects. So, instead of pressurizing the child for studies, parents should design a very balanced routine consisting sports, studies & physical exercises. Every element mentioned here is of utmost importance as they all complement each other and helps the child to optimally perform. Any element ignored puts the child off the balance.
It is also important for the parents to respect the natural bent of their child. They should allow the child to spend a little more time on the subject of his/her choice. This is very important because when the child is doing something that he truly loves, he is producing within himself inner joy and utmost satisfaction. This state of his itself then works as steam power to study other subjects that interests him less but nevertheless in which he/she has to perform in the same. The newfound energy from doing something that he/she loves empowers the child to approach the subjects of less interest with a different frame of mind which helps him to quickly grasp, understand and retain what he is learning irrespective of his attitude towards that subject.
So take a moment to deeply think over these questions:

  1.   Do you let them choose their games of interest?
  2.  Do you ask them what is it he really wants before sending him for add-on classes?
  3.  Do you let them study academic subjects of their interest?
  4.  Do you give him/her enough encouragement in her areas of interest?
  5.  Are you asking him/her if the concept is clear?
  6.  Are you as parents giving him enough time?
  7.  Have you designed a well-balanced routine for the child?

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