We are happy with the books issued at the library. It has helped Yash a lot and he is picking up reading now.

Student: Yash Desai
Parent: Jaina Desai

Every day I hear a new story from Jerusha and this helps me to be and act her age. I love the way she narrates all the stories she hears here

Student: Jerusha Dass
Parent: Monisha Dass

Ayesha likes the story books very much. It helps to improve her reading skills. She tries to learn new things every day.

Student: Ayesha Pathan
Parent: Shaheen Pathan

Nice Collection, Nice Atmosphere. Tempts one to pull out a book, just sit and read. Books are just appropriate to imbibe reading habit. Impressed a lot. The staff is very positive in their approach.

Student: Surabhi Velambur
Parent: Jyothi.K

Shruti is enjoying her school to the fullest. We are really happy with her progress.She likes her teacher

Student: Shruti Kharade
Parent: Manisha Kharade

Medha is enjoying all the activities done in school very much, Specially the French classes. I think some of the words could be written in a book for them for them to remember, because sometimes she is not able to recall the words. Rest all is fine. I wish best of luck to the school for its future.

Student: Medha Sakarkar
Parent: Rashmi Sakarkar

We are happy to have our child study here.Excellent school and teachers.

Student: Yash

It’s very good/pleasure sending my child to school. She likes going to school. It is the first step and she is enjoying the knowledge and teaching provided by the teachers and staff.

Student: Tisha Chouhan
Parent: Mukesh Chouhan

We are very happy with the kind of contact she has built in her school and her class. I am very impressed with the kind of care you are taking for her. Appreciate all your efforts Deepali and Glory Ma’am. Thank you.

Student: Tanushka Boyana
Parent: Sri Ram and Nalini

Bianca is very happy in the school. I see a lot of growth and potential in her. Hope to see this encouraging progress in her throughout the academic year.

Student:Bianca Hormusji
Parent: Gazal Hormusji

Anika has become very open and talkative. She interacts with everyone now. She also likes the school very much. Thanks a lot to all teachers and Clara Global School.

Student: Anika Lahane
Parent: Nilesh and Purnima Lahane

Vihan enjoys school. Practices studying at home. He has become a real “Joyful C” Member. Well done Clara Global School.

Student: Vihan Kuber
Parent: Gauri Kuber