Why I Chose to become a teacher?

"I chose this career, as I believe that teachers have the ability to change the world by imparting knowledge. I was inspired by my teachers, they were my role models.I intended to become a teacher who is good at explaining content, patient, motivational, inspirational yet firm with the students.

As a teacher, a person must have a positive attitude and a good sense of humour. It’s the teacher who moulds the future of children each day in the class and also being around the children everyday helps me remain knowledgeable about current trends and ideas. It also helps me break down barriers.

Its impossible to be bored of this job, because your brain in constantly engaged to work in creative ways. Enthusiastic students remind me to smile even though I might have had a tough day. I am encouraged and uplifted by the little joys that accompany working with the children.

As a teacher I strongly believe that, “Teachers are lifelong learners who relish the chance to grow.”

Miss Haleema Khan