“Mathematics” -a subject where everyone runs away But at Clara School , come & see it’s full of fun and sway."

According to Stan Gudder( Mathematician)  – The essence of Mathematics is not to make simple things complicated , but to make complicated things simple.Yes !the above quote is appropriate & followed in Clara Global School. We at Clara help the children to develop their intellectual & reasoning power with the help of the activities that are in-built in our Tierbooks.

“Productive failure” questions before the introduction of the topic invoke in them a sense of curiosity about the topic & the activities help them to understand the concept in a clear manner. No concept is introduced to the children without the activities.

As rightly said by Benjamin Franklin – “ Tell me & I forget. Teach me & I remember. Involve me & I learn”. Yes unless we involve the children they will not learn, taking this into consideration our activities are designed in such a way that every student is a part of it. For this we have many teaching aids like number boards , Chip trading sheets for division , tangrams , Place value boards both Indian & International system.

Our Global tierbooks for Mathematics help the children to think in a logical way. It  helps the children to develop counting skills , calculations skills , number facts as well as mental computation & estimation.

I have taught Maths for the last 9 years but teaching in Clara Global School with the Global curriculum has made teaching Maths even more exciting.This is because of the excellent activities that are designed to enhance the Mathconcepts which has made it easy for students to enjoy Maths. Not all students love Math but I srealised that a good Math’s teacher has the power to change the students who have traditionally struggled with Maths, begin to build confidence in their skills. A good Math teacher makes her class a place where students want to be,because new life is breathed into the subject. I love teaching Maths in Clara Global School.

Indian and International place value board

Fraction and Decimal with the help of dice

Factors and Multiples with Number Board