Clara Global School announces its Science Quiz Competition 2017-18 for all the School students on World Science Day 10 th of November 2017. The objective of this competition is to encourage students to look beyond their textual knowledge and establish a relationship between theory and application of the learnt concepts.This Science Quiz is designed to promote, a fun way to study and in the process help improve students’ knowledge of science, which will enable them to think from different angles or simply ‘to think out of the box’.

This will be a good idea to stop and review what was learned. Repetition is an important element of learning, and one way to repeat content is through quizzes. Another key point with our quiz is that we have kept it simple, Maintaining motivation so students will want to continue to learn. This will also promote a healthy debate amongst participants in order to learn from each other and will help in Provoking discussion amongst participating students / teams.

This will develop the spirit of participation and encourage the students for wider reading, and enable them to explore knowledge and develop the sense of searching and inquiry. This will be a brief assessment or tool to measure the growth in the knowledge, abilities and / or skills of our students either on a general level or restricted to specific fields for instance, science. And as mentioned earlier this will be fun to participate in but with a competitive element. This will motivate students to “want to” learn in which the participant is in complete control; Using a variety of multiple choice, multiple answer and true/false questions.
This will also give our teachers an idea of how well their class as a whole grasps the concepts. And if a couple of students are struggling then we can rethink the way we are explaining something, provide additional instruction in the classroom, or create an engaging activity for the class to do together to make sure the content is clear.

This will help the students identify what they know and what they don’t know. The students then have a better idea of how well they are grasping the material, hopefully motivating them to study more and helping them allocate their study time effectively by focusing on the information that still needs more practice. Teachers can help students see what topics they are not grasping by providing feedback after quizzes.
This will allow the students to know about the development of science in the different fields and bring the outside world in the four walls of the school.